David Storey

You know the web? I help build that.

A talented, reliable web developer, based in the Edinburgh area.

I specialise in front-end development: JavaScript, CSS and HTML, but am known to dabble with PHP and Node.js. I've built iOS and Android apps using PhoneGap. Way back in the mists of time, I wrote mobile phone games with J2ME.

Currently I am Head of Web Development at AmazeRealise where I've helped deliver everything from financial calculators and site-wide redesigns to Facebook and mobile apps for big names such as the BBC, Disney, Universal Pictures, Standard Life and Expedia.

Recent personal projects

Guess Their Age - Simple game built using TMDb API.

Cute Addict - Android RSS aggregator implemented with Backbone and Phonegap.

Spiral Art Generator - A tool for making and sharing beautiful spiral art.

Movies on Freeview - Find movies worth watching on Freeview. Built with Node and Angular.

Adequate Bingo - Multiplayer bingo on Airconsole. Built with Ractive.

Ghost Train Builder - Make your own VR ride. Built with A-Frame and Vue.